• The day before application you should thoroughly clean your lashes with a mild cleanser.


  • The day of the application, clean the lashes again just with water or mild water based soap cleanser. Do not use an oily makeup remover to clean your lashes! (Be aware that most of the „regular“ make up removers contain an oily component).


  • Do not use your daily face cream around the eye area on the day of the eyelash extension application.


  • Lashes should not be curled or permed (unless directed otherwise by your technician) and all mascara should be removed.


  • If your lashes need to be tinted it must be done at least 48 hours prior to the day of the eyelash extension application.


  • If you wear contact lenses these must be removed before the eyelash extension application begins. It‘s better to wear glasses to your appointment.


  • If you are getting spray ten, do it no earlier than 48 hours after the application of eyelash extension.


  • As the application takes up to 2 hours, you can bring your own iPod or your favorite CD to listen to during the procedure.