We highly recommend you follow the information below, failure to do this may affect the life of your new eyelashes.

During the first 48 hours it is very important not to get your eyelashes wet so that the adhesive glue can bond. Otherwise the synthetic lashes could fall off from your natural ones immediately or after a short period. Don’t swim or use a sauna or steam your face, and if you do decide to exercise, try to avoid getting perspiration in your eyes. Overall, be gentle with your lashes, don’t rub your eyes or squash your face against your pillow at night. Also, try not to cry 🙂

After 48 hours your new eyelashes should be well-bonded however the following recommendations will increase the life of your lashes!

  • Only use water based (oil free) eye make up and eye make up remover. Use a small cotton based tipped applicator to gently remove eye make up. If you are not sure which make up remover to use, we recommend jb oil free protein remover and primer.
  • You shouldn’t need to use mascara, however if you want a more dramatic look, only use a special formula mascara for extended lashes. There is many to chose from, we can offer you JB volume up coating mascara.



  • To protect and extend the life of your lashes, use a life coating sealer – this is especially recommended if you do active sports or any other activity that could damage your new lashes. (swimming, surfing, sauna, spa etc).



  • Be careful when applying any facial cream, oily based formulas can dissolve the bonding agent of eyelash extensions. Apply the cream below the line of your bottom eyelashes, and at a maximum of one centimetre below your eyebrow.
  • Don’t steam your face – strong stream, either from a shower or facial steaming deteriorates your weak eyelashes causing them to break before they are fully-grown.
  • Don’t use manual lash curlers. This will break both the extensions and your natural eyelashes. If you need to, use a heated eyelash curler.
  • Avoid acidic facials: Acidic peels such as AHA peels and chemical peels can damage the adhesive.